Management lessons from chak de

8 movies management students should watch #4 chak de india the movie gives us a moral lesson that you can run a successful business by going through the . Chakde india coaching in corporate india i am sure chakde india will soon inspire many management articles, much like lagaan did chak de india enters . Most people around me know that i always make it a point to enjoy a good film every once in a while however, movies are not just a source of unwinding and entertainment for me – films are also a mode of learning for me, through which i gain valuable management-based lessons that can be incorporated in the corporate world and my daily life in general. I have always believed in keeping myself physically fit through exercise in this increasingly competitive and unpredictable world, fitness is often overlooked by most of us.

The third, chak de india, one of the most memorable films of recent times, is about a disgraced hockey coach who puts together a winning women’s team professor niraj kumar, who adopted this unusual approach to teaching management techniques, feels the students instantly relate to this method of teaching. Leadership lessons from “chak de india” • the leader should be fair and impartial while dealing with the team-members (the way coach kabir khan selects the captain of the team). Nevertheless, quite a few movies have captured some facets of management it would be instructive for us to review a random sample and see if we could learn some lessons from these setting clear .

Three mainstream bollywood films manthan, swades and chak de are now study material for rural management students at the xavier institute of management bhubaneswar (ximb) most popular related . Slide 2: 16 girls ,different states, different backgrounds,different skills sets but one dream “winning” team was a rag bunch of girls with own agenda. Organization management lessons from chak de india decisions making reluctant decisions rational decisions strategic decisions intuitive decisions. Five lessons from the movie “chak de india” sports can often highlight the need for values like teamwork, honesty, transparency similar to the way these values are needed in life sports can end up uniting an otherwise divided crowd cheering for a team. Lessons from movie “chak de india” 1- making impossible the possible :- take a look on one statement jo ho nahi sakta wohi to krna hai in the movie.

Listed below are the 5 leadership lessons that we all can learn from the 2007 blockbuster chak de india a leader must bring in team integrity a leader’s first duty is to keep the team together. Indian management lessons from bollywood industry - october 13th, 2010 some of them are great inspiration for the society as well as acts as an unflattering mirror to our ever-changing society some of bollywood movies place really good example of indian management like chak de, swades, lagaan, and many others. Synaptrisleadership & team building lessons from chak de india leadership leadership, a critical management skill, is the .

Management lessons from chak de

10 business lessons from the baahubali’s war but, this war teaches 10 important lessons for small & smart companies to fight against giant competitors with more resources 1 information . Why am i writing a movie review here well, i strongly sense a few subtle lessons for team building in chak de india, so thought why not share that with. Chak de india can serve as an inspiration to all budding entrepreneurs here are 5 lessons one can learn from this bollywood movie: building a team, leadership aspects, strategy is the key to succeeding, taking risks, and motivate your team.

The movie chak de india starring shahrukh khan and a bunch of endearing young women made an entry in the books of management and attracted the world of management professionals 3 idiots management lessons from '3 idiots' movie never try to be successful success is the bye-product. Management lessons from the movies – ii chak de india sport is at the core of this hindi film about the spirit that can make the difference between winning .

Copyright (c) 2011 21 title: powerpoint presentation created date: 5/2/2011 11:55:56 am. Ten things i learnt from chak de india defeats should not disappoint you if you take care of learning lesson from them eminem said in lose yourself. There are some movies i will never get bored to watch again & again and one such movie is “chak de”, while i consult for clients helping them build innovation capability & culture, i often realize importance of great team spirit for successful innovation. Management lessons from lagaan chak de and lage raho munnabhai also find place in the management books, which have given a new dimension to indian cinema.

management lessons from chak de Chak de: chak de india, the shah rukh khan-starrer about a resolute women's hockey team that wins the world championship defeating odds is one of the must-watch films for mba students one can learn a lot about team-building, watching how the japanese and the british deal with their respective teams in the film.
Management lessons from chak de
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